[Building Blocks]

Most available direct. Hit '7' on the calculator.


'Convalescence takes time'. Indeed, a record of slow recovery and rediscovery. From inside to outside. From Under the Volcano to The Forest Path in the Spring. Perhaps the most personal Doozer record to date, stripped down and direct. LP edition of 500 on Low Company Records (UK/EURO) and Feeding Tube Records (US) and digital. [2021]

[Flying Bird]

'Folk Songs’ is an EP of unreleased archival recordings from 2013, recorded a little before the album ‘Future Songs’. The Doozer in solo folk mode here, hence the title. To accompany the first 25 copies of the below release ‘Figurines’ purchased from Doozer HQ. Not sold separately. On Doozer Industries. [2018]

[Flying Bird]

Figurines is a late night where the numbers are kept close to the chest but the hands are shown. Weaving in and out of consciousness the cold night felt hard on the wooden floor. Time was limited but in that there is great freedom. A testament to 15 years of making music together, SL & BK united, fully inflected, and created a language of their own. LP edition of 300 on Feeding Tube Records [2018]. Cassette edition released May 2020 on Low Company Records, limited edition of 60 copies

[Flying Bird]

Flying Bird is about a static journey. Or a readjustment to the unknown familiar. Take your pick. Either way, The Doozer and Co. relocated to their recording home-from-home, Eversden Village Hall. And although we had not played together in but a year, we made a record in about 24 hours. Or even less. Watch the clock. This is to music and friends. LP limited edition of 300 on Golden Lab Records. [2016]

[Future Songs]

Future Songs was written for a never ending line or the circle as a symbol of the universe. It is passed Aleph Null and resides at Aleph One. With visions of Gabriel on the infamous Castle Hill and al-Idrisis Book of Roger, the songs are inward looking while charting the struggle between religiosity and actuality. LP limited edition 250 on Al-Rehab Records. [2013]

[Keep It Together]

Relocating to a village hall, little-theatre style The Doozer set the scene for a cast of 11 players including regular Duozer contributor Ben K on bass and backing vox, longtime friend CB Radio on drums and Brother Samuel hitting the keys: In house. Mrs. Mallows was the gatekeeper and chamber music, Spector tantrums and relay switches all played with the time. It's sound like nothing we've done before. It almost got us, but we got it, just, in the end. Listen. LP limited edition 500 on Woodsist. [2012]

[Error Engerumong]

A birthday gift for a brother and a handful of songs. Keyboard beats and distant voices form pop sounds, the kind of which should be played over your car radio with the window down and only you and the open road for company. Infinite possibilities and imagined landscapes form a collage of fake fields on the b-side. Limited Edition yellow cassette on Doozer Industries. [2011]

[Error Engerumong]

'Error Engerumong' is a workshop weekend in October with dog in mind. Instruments limited to gong, tape, chord organ & vox. Wide eyed gong experiments and the wrongness of the mighty forces. Cassette on Sloow Tapes. Zero remain. [2010]

[Great Explorers]

2nd full length album 'Great Explorers' via Pickled Egg Records on CD and Siltbreeze on LP (limited 500). You'll find global sounds for homeland pleasures, touching upon our savage civilisation, streetwalkers and wavers, and the oldest carvers. [2010]


7" single on Doozer Industries. A foray into observational conversations and the white persona. Double A side single with non album tracks which are never to be repeated 'Stone Houses' & 'Conversations'. Built to serve the 7" format and all its glory. Mixed and mastered by Kramer. [2008]

[Sheet Music]

Debut full album Sheet Music dropped via Pickled Egg Records on CD/LP. Folk tales and hallucinations from the Mill Road area. Wider eyes on gathering grounds. Featuring, amongst others 'Dog Walking', 'Burn the Tape', 'So Many Voices', 'The Light'. [2008]

[Nothing Like The Hero]

3" cdr single containing new tracks 'Nothing Like The Hero' & 'Error Engkerumong'. The steeple from the neighouring church features. Given away to 10 friends as Christmas 07 Audio Cards. Zero remain. [2007]

[Great Explorers]

3" cdr single containing a new track 'Great Explorers'. Influenced by Dave on the 'Lord Seat', conversations on a friends new homely location, said friends synth and Tom Harrisson. Given away to 10 friends and acquaintances. Zero remain. [2007]

[Dog Walking]

Cassette single previewing 'Sheet Music' with 'Dog Walking' / 'The 3rd Dune'. Mostly given away to friends and acquaintances but to remain wholly accurate, a handful of people bought this tape. Zero remain. [2007]